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Hello everyone! My name is Shannon Williams and I am the owner, character artist, and part-time animator of Grind City Gaming Studio. We are currently in the process of creating a wrestling video game called Indy Scene Wrestling that will target the PC market first. 


I have been a huge wrestling fan since I was in the 3rd grade, and over the past few years I have become more familiar to the Independent side of wrestling. There are a lot of notable wrestlers that have made it to the WWE from the Indies such as: Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens), Tyler Black (Seth Rollins), Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose), Brian Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Prince Devitt (Finn Balor) CM Punk and Samoa Joe to name a few. There is still SO much talent coming from the Independents Circuits and there has never been a game to really bring this lifestyle into the light. That being said, I sat down and wrote out my ideas for what would make an ideal wrestling game and now we can bring it to life! 


This game is designed to bring the FUN and role playing aspects into wrestling games. The game is designed to give the player ULTIMATE freedom and allow players to experience life as an Independent Wrestler or Promoter. The primary differences between Indy Scene Wrestling and other wrestling games are as follows: 


- The goal as a wrestler is to “get over” with the fans so that management will push you as a star and this game focuses on that aspect…The Crowd. We want players to be able to perform a powerbomb through a table rigged with light tubes and the crowd goes absolutely nuts! Players should play off of the crowd and know how to win over a crowd that has 10 people or 10,000 members in attendance. 


- Creation depth is one of the most important features for any game that players are expected to play once “Campaign” is over. Due to my prior creation history in prior wrestling games and activeness in forums for creators, I have taken precise notes to figure out exactly what players want in these games. Players will be gifted the opportunity to create their own venues, wrestlers, belts, promotions and more. 


- The gameplay allows the player to earn their match momentum based on the timing of the moves performed and the connection with the crowd. The crowd is not just going to be used as a placeholder in this game because the success of your match is dependent on the crowd involvement as well as the creativity, drama, and excitement. Give the fans what they want! 


- Freedom is our biggest claim for this game! We want you to play this game and go from fighting in the ring of a high school gym to fighting in the principal’s office! There are enough games out that make the player to feel hindered by the limitations of the game but this game is a player’s game. 


When I first began working on this project I reached out to one Truth Martini. Truth Martini is a manager/booker in Ring of Honor and also owns his own wrestling school (House of Truth). Truth and his team has been verify gracious and have been providing their help everywhere necessary. They put me in contact with 3 local Detroit Wrestling companies (Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling, Apex Pro Wrestling, and Detroit Style Wrestling) and each company has allowed me to use their performers, arenas, belts, and likeness in the game. This has allowed me to get the behind the scenes information on the life of an Indy wrestler and allowed me to talk to guys like Abyss, Petey Williams and Justin Gabriel about their paths. 

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