Aaron The Illest

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Carter Xavier

Carter Xavier is a top young wrestling prospect and he'll tell anyone who will listen that he "Can't Miss".  A former college basketball standout, Xavier uses his athletic ability and size to his advantage whenever possible and once he gets a head of steam he's hard to stop.  


Quote: "I've got my sight set on the top, and I can't miss."

Standing at 6'7" from Atlanta, GA

Chris Moore

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Chuck Wagon

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Danny Shay

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Dickie Bronson

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Dougie the Creep

Dougie "The Creep" is one half of the Tag Team of the Bad Axe Mother Truckers, known for very unorthodox combat both inside and outside the ring. Being up and down the roads for over 15 years, and after many injuries this guy has proven to be one of the toughest men to ever step foot in the squared circle. Looks may be deceiving, but he proves he is more than capable to bring a fight and stand up with the best in the business.

From Bad Axe Michigan and weighing 155lbs

Dr. Repcia

Not much is known of this creature, he(or she?) appeared on the scene in a shroud of mystery, known to have the power of mind control using drugs and hypnosis. Has even been seen to duplicate itself and take different forms... The Doctor has personal slaves that follow him, known as Beta Kitten, who carries a box of an unknown substance, and Jonathan Presley, who holds signs with strange symbols, or quoting "Trust the Good Doctor" and "Obey."

From Camp Peary and weighing 147lbs

Eddie Venom

During Eddie Venom's 12 year career, he wrestled for countless promotions, including matches for ROH, as well as several televised matches, like his match on TNA's show Xplosion against Monty Brown, a match on WWE's Sunday Night Heat against CrymeTyme, and a match on WWE's Smackdown against Festus and Jesse.  He also featured on Travel Channel's Man Vs Food show along with several other Detroit area wrestlers.  He was also featured in a few television commercials, including a Detroit area car dealership commercial, a national web commercial for Ford Explorer, and a national 5 Hour Energy Commercial.  He then transitioned from the wrestling business into the acting and stunt business.  He's been featured in music videos for the band As They Sleep, as well as Eminem.  His film credits include The Citizen, as well as Batman V Superman, where he plays a Metropolis police officer.  But he's had the most success in television.  He's been on two episodes of the Conan O'Brien show, an epidsode of the Cinemax show Banshee, and he currently is the stunt double for actor Ryan Hurst on the upcoming WGN series Outsiders.

Born and raised in South Detroit and standing at 6'8"

El Ridiculoso

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Evan Craig

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Gavin Quinn

Gavin Quinn is good. Don't believe me? Just ask him. He will tell you just how good he is.

Never one to hold back words (or kicks), Gavin Quinn is no stranger to controversy. An 8 year veteran of the ring, Gavin has been taking his game to the next level as of late, leaving all his opponents (victims) in his wake. When Quinn is around, have eyes in the back of your head. The man cannot be trusted.

Quote:  "Make love, make money, make history."

Standing at 6'0" and hailing from Hotlanta, GA

Gideon Malice

Malice is an aggressive, no holds barred, smash mouth wrestler.  He goes one direction...forward, right through the competition.  He goes one speed...and that's full throttle.  No quarter is asked and none is given.  Malice shows no remorse or regret.  If you get face to face, toe to toe, with Malice...you'll be met with nothing but Malicious Intent.  Love him, or hate him, he always gives 110%.  That's good for the fans, but bad for his opponent.

Quote:  "Armageddon is here and your personal apocalypse is at hand!"

Standing at 6'4" and hailing from Devil's Crossroads, SC

Grizzly House Jones

"Grizzly" House Jones has been given the title of "Master of the Bear Hug" for good reason. Once the Bear Hug is applied to his opponents, they inevitably end up on the mat having submitted to the fierce hold. Jones looks to use his size and strength advantage to ground quicker opponents and outlast the other bruisers in the ring. Win, lose, or draw, Jones receives the respect of his opponents, and the fans.

Quote: "I'm the biggest... the baddest... the BEST!"

Standing at 6'3" from Danger Bay, Ontario

Hakim Zane

Hakim Zane can do it all. A high flyer, technical wrestler, and can even get down and dirty with some brawling. His charisma and intensity are second to none. Along with his lightning speed and stamina. His hunger for success drives him to overcome the odds. Sometimes if it even means breaking the rules. Zane might not be the tallest tree in the forest, but he is the sharpest chainsaw in the woodshed.


Quote: "My mother called me sun, because I shine like one."

Standing at 5'9" and weighing 183lbs

Ian Decay

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Idris Abraham

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Jaimy Coxxx

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Jake Something

Jake Something is different than most. No gimmicks needed. No fancy name. No flashy gear. No cute moniker. No clever little catch-phrase. All he needs is Jake Something.

Standing at 6'2" and weighing 240lbs

Jay Abrhams

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Jeff Brooks

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Joe Coleman

"The Genetic Jackpot" Joe Coleman---AKA Weapon Flex, AKA Thunderlats, AKA Apocalats, AKA The Latman, AKA The Tan Lantern, AKA The Monarch of Mass, AKA the Unstoppable Colemanaut, AKA The Jacked n' Tan Business Man---is the most complete pro wrestler on the Indy scene. Founder of his own fitness empire, The Coleman Initiative, and its brand of supplements, "The Weapon Flex Program", Coleman is as loud in appearance as he is in voice. A former Midwest Heavyweight Champion, WAR Respect Champion, and OVW Television Champion, The Genetic Jackpot has proven time and again that he is championship material, even when it means busting out his signature blend of protein powder, PROTOCALYPSE: 157 grams per serving! Throw the physique, the charisma, the showmanship, the intelligence, the strength, the skills, and the athleticism in a blender and there you have it: Joe Coleman. Just don't get hot that you're not the Genetic Jackpot!

Johnny Delicious

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Jonathan Presley

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Malcolm Monroe II

The DBA also goes by The Most Dangerous Man In Michigan for good reason!

Straight from Detroit, Michigan and weighing 195lbs

Malcolm Monroe III

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Mark Gjoka

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Maserati Rick

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Mikey Smalls

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MK Ultra

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Career/Media Highlights include appearances on Travel Channel's Man vs. Food and NBC's America's Got Talent. Movado was trained by Truth Martini at The House of Truth Professional Wrestling School and has been performing for almost 2 decades. Once known as a tag team specialist as one half of The Bump-n-Uglies for many years, Movado has been on a singles tear recently for the past several years and is looking toward the next level.

Hails from Planet Detroit and weighs in at 1 metric ton on this planet's atmosphere

Orlando Christopher

Orlando Christopher started in professional wrestling while in high school. Now a 10 year veteran in his prime, the self proclaimed anarchist is known for his crazy wreckless style and technical wrestling skills.


Quote: "Destruction is creation."

Standing at 5'11" from RAAGE Dogo

Palmer Cruise

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Paul Bowser

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Skull Ganz

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Standing at 6'1" from Hell, MI

Sonny Scarboni

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Willie Watts

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Vinnie Scarboni

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Zach Gowen

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